Be a Beach Volleyball BAE this Summer

Hey BAES! 

If you have read What I’m About, then you guys know that I used to be an avid indoor volleyball player, turned avid beach volleyball player. I played volleyball a grand total of twelve years, indoor for the first half and beach for the second. For that second half of my volleyball career, I trained and competed in the sand almost everyday during on-season for the better part of six years. Then in August 2014, I decided that I didn’t want to play anymore and quit pretty much cold turkey. I guess that after twelve years of volleyball, it turned into more work than play for me, and it was no longer fun.


Regardless, six years of beach volleyball will definitely give you some beach legs… because in case you weren’t aware, running around, jumping and diving in the sand is super hard. If you add some sun and heat into that equation, you are pretty much asking for heat stroke for at least half the Torontonian summer.


So after I quit this beautiful sport, my university and volleyball friends, who are still obsessed with the sport, would always ask me to come out and scrimmage. I would go here and there, during the summer, but over the course of the two and a half years since I quit, I maybe went a grand total of eight times. Needless to say, every time I came out, I was heaving like I had asthma, it was sad.


In the past eight months however, I have sort of reentered the Ontario Volleyball community. I joined a Women’s Outtahand Sunday Indoor Volleyball League with some former varsity teammates (we won by the way). I briefly coached with Waves Volleyball Club… and pretty much all year I have been saying that I will start playing beach volleyball again, for fun, this summer. So most recently, I have started to play beach volleyball again at various drop-ins, IN THE WINTER. YES PEOPLE, it is possible in Toronto, who knew!!


All right, so going back to how hard this sport is, it speaks to what a phenomenal workout it is for your body. Even if you don’t play twos, and join a league and play fours or sixes, you are still running around like an idiot in the sand to hit a ball. I play twos because that is what I am used to. There are many opportunities to play whatever you want in the winter in Toronto, with two indoor facilities offering both drop-in and leagues during the winter: Beach Blast and North Beach. The Toronto Sport and Social Club, which is held at the Team Canada National Beach Centre, where I had the privilege of training once upon a time, does not offer drop-in, but does offer leagues as well.


If any of you plan on getting into beach volleyball this summer, I would start playing ASAP. Once that sun hits the sand, the struggle to get that ball will be too real. In the summer there are plenty of leagues in Toronto, including Ashbridges Volleyball and the TSSC at the docks. Remember baes, you do your bliss above all else, before anything else, it would be rude not to.


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