Drop-In Second City Improv


Ever considered acting? Don’t lie, you have all briefly wondered what it would be like to walk down a red carpet at a movie premier with thousands of people screaming your name, taking your picture and asking for your autograph. Granted, if you go into acting there is a 0.1% chance that will happen to you, probably, I don’t know the statistics…. though it is super unlikely. No, I am not currently considering a career change… but I have always wondered what it would be like to try acting.


In November, I started thinking about potentially trying an Improv Class at The Second City. I even started looking at the actual seven-week program, but then life happened and I kept putting it off. It took a few months to ultimately venture to the Second City Training Centre, but last week it FINALLY happened. I decided I should probably see if I even like Improv before paying for the program. So I decided to hit up their drop-in Imrov class, which are on Mondays from 6:30-8:30 PM and Fridays from 6:00-8:00 PM.


Let me tell you about my first class, IT WAS AWESOME, literally so much fun. We just played games. The first game was called “Clap-Focus,” where you all stand in a circle and then clap towards a person, while looking them in the eye, and saying their name. They then pass the clap onto someone else, and you just keep getting faster and faster as you learn everyone’s name.

The next game is called “Red Ball,” this is where you toss around an imaginary red ball. Someone throws it at you while making eye contact and when you catch it, you say “red ball”, and then pass it to someone else. It keeps going like that until everyone gets comfortable. The teacher eventually added a yellow ball into the mix and finally a “bread bowl”…. because every time one of the attendees said “red ball”, he made it sound like “bread bowl”…. so it made things super confusing.


The third game we played was called “Focus,” we all walked around the room and froze. Then one person would take the focus of the room and start walking around amongst all the frozen people. They would stop in front of someone when they were ready to give up the focus, look them in the eye, and then that person would do the same. The fourth, fifth and sixth games were all based on story telling. With pairs, threes, fours and eventually with the whole group, we told a story using one word, things got weird for sure.


The class ended with us performing scenes in groups of four. There would be four scenes, one for each pair of the four. We stood in a square, got our scene, panned left, got another scene, panned left and so on. The first pair got to be angry, the second pair was siblings, the third pair collected stamps, and aliens abducted the fourth pair. The first pair acted out their scene, panned left, the second pair acted out their scene, panned left and so on. It was hilarious. Also, if we didn’t act in time or stuttered, the audience would yell, “DIE.” It was a lovely experience.


So if you are considering acting, want to get more comfortable in front of people, or just become a more confident public speaker, improv is definitely for you!! Remember baes, you do your bliss above all else, before anything else, it would be rude not to.

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