Digital to just Dreams


I have been to many festivals in Toronto over the years, a number of them consisting of the Digital Dreams Festival. Starting with 2013, 2015 and 2016, I went to them when Live Nation ran the show. This was when the main stage was in the parking lot in front of Ontario Place, TD Echo Beach was the second biggest stage and the bass tent was the third.


In 2013, Digital was my first and only major festival that summer and I was entranced. In 2014, I went to Electric Forest that weekend instead, which ruined me for all the following festivals. However, in 2015 I returned to Digital and that was the first year Toronto mainstream festivals began to disappoint. This wasn’t Live Nation’s fault; the Saturday got rained out and the Sunday was cold and rainy, but they did their best. Last year, at the end of June 2016, following my return from EDC, I went to Digital. That year the weather was on our side and the line up was pretty decent, so it was a fun festival.


In 2017, there has been one major change to the Digital Dreams Festival. They dropped the Digital, because Live Nation dropped the Dreams. Live Nation is still powering the festival, but it is for the use of Ontario Place as a venue. INK is now running the show, and it showed this year. From the different stages to the different dates, the festival has now been rebranded from Bud Light Digital Dreams Festival to Bud Light Dreams Festival. I am not saying this was a bad thing; the festival was still a good time. Except as someone who has been going to this festival for years, I will not be coming back in 2018.


The main stage is now TD Echo instead of the front parking lot, which is obviously way smaller than the original, which was already small to begin with, resulting in a much smaller festival. Though they did add an even smaller stage at the back of the venue, making it more difficult to traverse through the festival because of the resulting bottlenecks. Lastly, the line up was noticeably less iconic. In particular INK fashion, their festivals are becoming more expensive with less notable artists and smaller stages. I am not saying don’t go, I am just saying be warned. Though I will say that they did make one improvement, making the event 19 plus. Still Digital isn’t what it used to be, now it’s just Dreams. Remember baes, you do your bliss above all elsebefore anything else, it would be rude not to.


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