Drop-In Second City Improv

HEY BAE! Ever considered acting? Don’t lie, you have all briefly wondered what it would be like to walk down a red carpet at a movie premier with thousands of people screaming your name, taking your picture and asking for your autograph. Granted, if you go into acting there is a 0.1% chance that will [...]

Be a Beach Volleyball BAE this Summer

Hey BAE!  If you have read What I’m About, then you guys know that I used to be an avid indoor volleyball player, turned avid beach volleyball player. I played volleyball a grand total of twelve years, indoor for the first half and beach for the second. For that second half of my volleyball career, [...]

Eurotrip with Eurail

HEY BAE! Welcome to the Blogging Backpacker Series! So you have decided you are going to travel Europe! You want to see as many countries as you can in a three month period, you want to cover the most amount of distance for the least amount of dollars. WHAT DO YOU DO? Luckily, there have been [...]