Digital to just Dreams

HEY BAES! I have been to many festivals in Toronto over the years, a number of them consisting of the Digital Dreams Festival. Starting with 2013, 2015 and 2016, I went to them when Live Nation ran the show. This was when the main stage was in the parking lot in front of Ontario Place, [...]

Planning a Eurotrip

HEY BAES! Welcome to the Blogging Backpacker Series! In March 2015, my best friend and I decided to do a  four-month Eurotrip across ten countries. Picking where to go and how long to spend at each place was among our chief challenges. It was such a challenge that the planning of the trip took around five [...]

Drop-In Second City Improv

HEY BAES! Ever considered acting? Don’t lie, you have all briefly wondered what it would be like to walk down a red carpet at a movie premier with thousands of people screaming your name, taking your picture and asking for your autograph. Granted, if you go into acting there is a 0.1% chance that will [...]

Be a Beach Volleyball BAE this Summer

Hey BAES!  If you have read What I’m About, then you guys know that I used to be an avid indoor volleyball player, turned avid beach volleyball player. I played volleyball a grand total of twelve years, indoor for the first half and beach for the second. For that second half of my volleyball career, [...]